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Greetings Relatives, Friends and Benefactors!

Welcome to The Holy Family Group. You have reached our site, not by chance; but by providence, because you care about Life, Morals, Values, Freedom, Family and Prayer. Plus, all those qualities of Life that God has endowed our world because He loves each and every one of us. Do not be afraid! Come and join us passionately celebrate life and love of neighbor and fight against the influences of evil in all its forms.  Evil, by its very essence can not help but deceive all of us! We can never expect good to come from evil. Evil, oftentimes utilizes the  outward appearances of goodness to masquerade itself; so as to avoid its very essence from being exposed. EVIL, BY ITS VERY NATURE, EXISTS TO DISTORT TRUTH! Come. Let us together practice and learn how to “spot” evil dressed” in goodness. This is accomplished by reading the good book(The Bible), following good blogs and websites(like this one), watching wholesome videos, praying daily, receiving the Eucharist often, and fighting the good fight for our faith. Come and join us travel the beautiful world our God has given us and in the process help our world know, learn and recognize Our Father, Who created us and His Son, Jesus, The Christ, our Savior and Redeemer and The Wonderful Holy Spirit that infinitely binds the love of the Father and the Son for each other and communicates that Divine Love to all of us.  

Our Mission

The Holy Family Group is an organization dedicated to the primary purpose of knowing and loving God and the vision of creating opportunities thru compassionate caring and concern for others under the lead and guidance of the Divine Will.

History has shown that it has long been civilized society’s goal to continuously and constantly improve the physical and material aspects of the human condition; but many times society has ignored the spiritual aspects, sometimes in complete disregard and at other times in convenient neglect of the Will of the Author of Life.

The physical, material and spiritual aspects of man’s life are intricately woven by the Creator to function within His natural lawViolate natural law and you violate the rules of the Almighty and endanger the life of man!

Our goal, therefore is to follow the “narrow road” leading towards God (in the person of the Father, of Christthe Son and of the Holy Spirithelping, leading and guiding our families and other human families who wish to join us, in studying and emulating the life of The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph by means of prayer, pilgrimages, fellowship, music and various other creative ways and means by which we can share God’s gifts and graces with our neighbors and their families.

Additionally, the evils of secular and godless atheism and materialistic humanism try to influence and then ultimately destroy the values of the human family. The subtle teachings of Liberation Theology coupled with its insidious links with Marxist, Communist, Socialist and Nihilist philosophies constantly rear their ugly heads in multiple bids to obtain societal  influence on the Christian family. We must counter this influence at all levels of human life; from the very start and roots of education to the very important “end of life” concepts and everything in-between. That’s why it is very urgent that all of you out there — you people of good will, who live moral lives and practice values based on love of God, then, of love of neighbor; be fully involved.

We must, together ask God’s help and put our energies together to do this, for it is God’s Will.

Currently, even our government which has progressed thru out the centuries under the aegis and protection of Almighty God is being subverted by evil forces that are trying  to shackle it and utilize it for purposes that clearly undermine the god-given freedoms we all enjoy since the founding of our great nation and trying mightily to remove the Almighty’s presence from our midst.

How You Can Help

This work has to involve a lot of selfless and kind-hearted people who enjoy helping others less fortunate than themselves. They are also the types who are fearless and are ready to serve God and the people of God; even to the detriment and sacrifice of their own lives. But, doing this type of work alone as we know is impossible. That’s why this website was created. That’s why we invite you to come and join this organization. Prayer is at the core of our mission. We believe that without it, nothing can grow or flourish. This is one area you can help in. When the group was started, The Holy Family Group Novena was conceived, formed and printed literally overnight. This was a miraculous happening that I can not explain. It just happened. Then, the novena, was prayed, interspersed with religious hymns praising God, His holy Mother and the saints in different houses. 

Your mission then, should you accept it; will be to form your own little prayer circle of your relatives, friends and others who choose to join you and pray the novena once every month in a volunteer house of your choosing. Of course, this organization is with you in this endeavor. We will supply you with the novena booklets and assist you in the selection of the appropriate religious hymns for your prayer circle. Here’s one on the booklets That will help with your prayer mission:

The 54-day Rosary Novena (You can increase the size of the booklet; read the note below)

Note: If you want to increase the size of the booklet to make it readable; on the top bar of the booklet, click the 3 parallel lines on the left side (your right) showing: “more options”.  Then click: “Enable Fullscreen”. To go back, press  esc on your keyboard.

 Clicking the “arrows” on each side of the full-screen will turn the pages or pressing the ‘left” and “right” directional arrows on your keyboard will do the same thing.


The above prayer novena starts on Aug. 15–Feast of the “Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary” And ends on October 7—Feast of “The Holy Rosary”———The first “27” Days is for “Petition” and the next “27” Days is for “Thanksgiving” For a total of “54 Days”—–That’s why it’s called the 54-Day Rosary Novena. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THIS PRAYER! IT IS VERY MIRACULOUS  ACCORDING TO ONE’S ACCEPTANCE, FAITH AND BELIEF!

Our only request is for you to help us defray the cost of printing the booklets . You can order them here.

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